Monday, May 24, 2010

#110 "Will You Slow Down For Me?"

I had to yell at Blue to go out and mow the backyard before dark, so once I had him out there I didn't want him to have any reason not to finish the job. I knew that the last of the gas was in the mower and he would need more to get the job finished.  The grass, well actually weeds, have grown very tall and thick, so I knew he would need more gas.  I hopped into the car and blazed down the road to the gas station. On Bannock, a 35 mph zone, I was going 40 mph.  As soon as I saw the police car coming towards me in the on-coming lane I knew I was busted. He flipped on his RED, WHITE AND BLUES.  He made a U-turn over a double yellow line to pull up behind me.  I get so nervous when I am pulled over, and those lights are embarrassing.  Everyone driving by has to see who was busted. As soon as he walked up, practically behind me, I thought to myself, "This guy is new, I have never seen him before. He is young and handsome."  I never get pulled over and when I have I can't remember the last time I got a ticket.  I wasn't even sure what the registration or "proof of insurance" was when he asked for them, I had them spread out and asked, "Which one do you need?" My "proof of insurance" was not current and I thought he said my registration wasn't current either, but it is.  He did his check, told me to find my current papers and said, "It is a $60 ticket for no registration papers, I will give you a warning now, but you were going pretty fast, will you slow down for me?" Oh, I let out a big sigh of relief!  Thank you, Thank you. The officer is nice too.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

#109 Missing A Jogger

I was pulling out of a hotel the other day, onto a busy road near the Interstate entrance.  I looked both ways as I crept out and suddenly right there in front of me, was a......JOGGER!  He was looking at me as he ran out around the front end of my car giving me that look of, "Are you going to hit me?"  WHERE DID HE COME FROM?  I did not even see him.  That is the worst feeling, near misses.  It makes me so nervous driving.  I am very hasty and too quick to do things, so I am always screwing up.  I have got to be more careful.  I am so grateful I did not hit that jogger.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

#108 A Gentleman

With my arms full, I was struggling to get my hotel key out of my purse, so I could unlock the outside door to the hotel to get in, when a young man opened the door for me.  I thought that was so gentlemen of him.  I was very grateful to him for doing that.  Last night while coming into the hotel lobby with my luggage, bag, purse and sweater, trying to balance everything and open the door, a man in the lobby stood there and watched me.  It's so nice to see that there are a few men out there with manners.  Words that describe a gentlemen in the dictionary are; civilized, educated, polite, a man of good family, breeding and social position, sensitive, well-mannered. 

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#107 A Compliment

While working in the Rexburg Wal-Mart a gray haired man asked me if Poligrip worked?  I had to catch myself, I hope I didn't look old enough for Poligrip.  After telling him I didn't know, he said, "You look familiar to me."  I asked where he was from, "St. Anthony".  He asked if I have been to the Mountain Man Rendezvous.  "No".  He was sure he had seen me from somewhere.  We chatted a bit about Malad and then before leaving he said, "I'll have to say you'r a might pretty brown eyed girl".  I said, "thank you" and he went on his way.  A moment later I heard him talking to another girl.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

#106 Rawhide Chew Sticks

 I am so grateful for  Rawhide Chew Sticks.  This little puppy of ours, Zeus has to be doing something all of the time.  I have to take time each day to play with him, which means me running around the house chasing him while he tries to keep his squeaker toy from me or playing fetch with his toy.  He wears me out and then other times, most of time I just am too busy to bother with him.  He will chew on my laptop cord, very annoying. It sure is nice when I can throw a rawhide stick to him and he will chew on that thing for maybe an hour at a time.  He is so cute, I will hold it up for him to see and he comes running with excitement taking it from me in his tiny little mouth.

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#105 Food Storage

I am so grateful for our food storage.  I am trying to cut back on spending and using my food storage is so helpful.  We all know that it cost an arm and leg for groceries.  I love trying to create a dinner out of our stored food.  Tonight I made chili and corn bread.  The corn bread was fabulous.  I made it with butter and buttermilk. Talk about moist and delicious.  My chili was made with tomatoes I canned in 2008, my kidney beans and taco seasoning from the storage and the 1/4 beef I recently bought.  It is such a good feeling when I look over my meal and see that most of it is my home grown and canned goods or homemade.  And it's healthier for my family too.

#104 Pear Tree Blossoms

I am so grateful for the blossoms on my pear tree.  My apple, apricot and peach trees have no blossoms and I am really worried they are not alive.  I can see some green buds forming on their branches, but a lot of the branches have no sign of growth.  We might have to do some serious pruning or replant.  I hope we get at least one pear this year and I am eating it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

#103 Wide Open Spaces

I drove to Burley today.  The drive is full of wide open space with an occasional silo, barn or farm house.  It was a beautiful day.  The sky was blue with big billowy clouds or thunder clouds.  The sun was bright and warm, which felt so good after a week of cold, rainy weather. I love spring.  Everything is so fresh and new.  I love looking out over the fields, that seem to stretch forever, of new green sprouted crops and fresh plowed dark soil.  There is a peace driving through rural country.

#102 Rotisserie Chicken

I am wanting to eat better when I am on the road.  I am amazed how little "good" food there is to choose from in the store.  EVERYTHING is packaged for instant consumption or needing little preparation.  Everything is full of chemicals; hydrogenated oil, processed soy products, high fructose or artificial sweetener.  It freaks me out how much "food" has evolved.  There is little "real" food to eat.  I bought some bananas, strawberries, grapes, an apple and a bell pepper to snack on, but wanted something more.  I wanted a candy bar so bad, but I have to lay off the candy and sweets. The deli has plenty of deep fried and carbs. to choose from.  I settled for a rotisserie chicken.  I was so hungry. It was so good, while I dug into it while driving, yes driving. I can't do that anymore. I am not sure if it was a healthy choice, but it was the most real thing I could find. I ate half and took the other half home for dinner for Blue.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

#101 Sentiments of Love

 This Mothers Day was wonderful because of my five children.  Seth and Jessica sent me a wonderful mothers day package full of wonderful surprises and the funnest card that made me smile. Seth gave me a call, calls I always cherish. Wind gave me a call, he was very sick, but still  remembered his mother. Sundi came HOME! It was so nice to have her home and going to church with us.  My Blue washed all of the house windows, they were VERY DIRTY from a dust storm we recently had.  Thank you kids, I love you.

#100 Employment

There are so many people out there without work. My work takes me to 6 different Wal-Marts and I have been seeing more and more people standing at the entrance holding a card board sign, "No work" or "Please Help".  Today there was an gray haired, small elderly woman holding a sign. She was wearing light blue keds with pink socks. She had a scarf around her head tied under her chin and had an oxygen tube in her nose. It was cold and windy out.  I was parked right next to where she was standing and as I approached my car she began to tell me her problems with paying her bills.  I asked if anyone had stopped, "Oh, yes, they have".  Everyone is really struggling and it's difficult to see. We need to reach out to people right around us, our neighbors, who need our help.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

#99 My Mother

 Today I honor my mother.

 As a single mother she  raised two children, while making a meager wage at various jobs. My mother is not a quitter. She never had much as far as a home, cars, furnishings, clothing, travel, she had enough to take care of our basic needs.  I rarely heard her complain.  If she did, it was very short lived and to the point. She was done and moved on to brighter thoughts. She is not one to revel in judgment of others.  She does not enjoy sitting around thinking negatively of life's circumstances.  She is charitable and kind of all people.  She is not complicated, she is simple in her wants and pure in her thoughts. She enjoys the simple things; sunshine, children, flowers, laughter, burbling of fish in the tank, jabbering of little colorful finches, rocks, the beauty of nature, the company of joyful people.  She enjoys all people no matter who, what or where they came from as long as they are not too sour. 

I remember my mother loved to have fun with us. She didn't care about what "you are suppose to do". as a mother raising children.  I remember going for walks on the beach and before we were done all three of us were jumping and swimming in the ocean waves with all of our cloths on.  I remember her letting me drive the car, while she slept in the back seat, in an unfinished suburb where there were only the roads.  I remember going to the drive-in in our pj, with pillows, blankets and goodies to eat. I remember it was always the three of us, we had each other. We fought, played and worked together.

I love my mother and am so grateful for all the sacrifices that she has made for my brother and I. She gave us her all. She would not give up and I am sure there were moments she wish she could or would love to, but she didn't and she wouldn't. I am proud of her. She might have thought she was doing it alone, but I know that she had a Father who watched over her, protecting and guiding her.  She was inspired and followed the promptings of the Spirit that lead her to give us the greatest of all things, the gospel of Jesus Christ. For that I am forever grateful to her for that blessing in my life.

I love you mother!
You are Wonderful.
Happy Mothers Day

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#98 Women of Faith

I am so grateful for women of faith in my life.  I am grateful for their example, service, love and strength. I loved being in the Marriott Center surrounded by 15,000 women of faith, women who were there with a desire to perfect themselves through service and learning. Women trying to be better women, mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and servants of the Lord.

#97 Women's Conference

 "Choose Ye This Day To Serve The Lord"

I attended my second year of Women's Conference at Brigham Young University this past weekend. This year 6 women from my ward and I stayed in the Comfort Inn in Orem, Utah.  We had a great time! We each chose our classes to attend, sharing notes with one another later. Debbie and I indulged ourselves in a waffle cone filled with Mint Chocolate Chip and Graham Canyon from the BYU Creamery. Oh it was good! My mother met us for dinner at Carrabba's our first night.  After dinner we attended a wonderful concert at the Marriott Center where Micheal McCLean Alex Boye, the Fabulous Five, Mercy River and Hilary Weeks performed. There was service opportunity everywhere with Service Learning Rooms and Make 'n' Take and Returns. The best part is getting to know each other better, who snores, who wiggles in their sleep, who likes to go to sleep early and who goes to bed late even if it means reading in the bathroom so as not to keep anyone awake. At the closing of the conference Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Sister Oaks spoke to us. It was the most amazing feeling singing hymns with 15,000 women.

#96 Brushed Hair

 (a picture from 2 years ago)

Whenever my daughter comes home I hesitantly ask if she would brush my hair.  I know that she would rather not, but she knows how much I enjoy it and she is kind enough to indulge me in a little pleasure of mine.  When the children were little I would ask each one if they would brush my hair till I had a willing person.  Sometimes I had to do a little begging and pleading and sometimes that didn't work.  It's such a disappointment when they quit, but I am grateful anytime she is willing to brush my hair. Thank you Sundi.