Monday, May 24, 2010

#110 "Will You Slow Down For Me?"

I had to yell at Blue to go out and mow the backyard before dark, so once I had him out there I didn't want him to have any reason not to finish the job. I knew that the last of the gas was in the mower and he would need more to get the job finished.  The grass, well actually weeds, have grown very tall and thick, so I knew he would need more gas.  I hopped into the car and blazed down the road to the gas station. On Bannock, a 35 mph zone, I was going 40 mph.  As soon as I saw the police car coming towards me in the on-coming lane I knew I was busted. He flipped on his RED, WHITE AND BLUES.  He made a U-turn over a double yellow line to pull up behind me.  I get so nervous when I am pulled over, and those lights are embarrassing.  Everyone driving by has to see who was busted. As soon as he walked up, practically behind me, I thought to myself, "This guy is new, I have never seen him before. He is young and handsome."  I never get pulled over and when I have I can't remember the last time I got a ticket.  I wasn't even sure what the registration or "proof of insurance" was when he asked for them, I had them spread out and asked, "Which one do you need?" My "proof of insurance" was not current and I thought he said my registration wasn't current either, but it is.  He did his check, told me to find my current papers and said, "It is a $60 ticket for no registration papers, I will give you a warning now, but you were going pretty fast, will you slow down for me?" Oh, I let out a big sigh of relief!  Thank you, Thank you. The officer is nice too.

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  1. It's a 30 mph speed zone, not 35! :o) Nice going! You got lucky. So, did Blue get it all mowed?

  2. Did you take that picture? You are one lucky gal.