Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#97 Women's Conference

 "Choose Ye This Day To Serve The Lord"

I attended my second year of Women's Conference at Brigham Young University this past weekend. This year 6 women from my ward and I stayed in the Comfort Inn in Orem, Utah.  We had a great time! We each chose our classes to attend, sharing notes with one another later. Debbie and I indulged ourselves in a waffle cone filled with Mint Chocolate Chip and Graham Canyon from the BYU Creamery. Oh it was good! My mother met us for dinner at Carrabba's our first night.  After dinner we attended a wonderful concert at the Marriott Center where Micheal McCLean Alex Boye, the Fabulous Five, Mercy River and Hilary Weeks performed. There was service opportunity everywhere with Service Learning Rooms and Make 'n' Take and Returns. The best part is getting to know each other better, who snores, who wiggles in their sleep, who likes to go to sleep early and who goes to bed late even if it means reading in the bathroom so as not to keep anyone awake. At the closing of the conference Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Sister Oaks spoke to us. It was the most amazing feeling singing hymns with 15,000 women.

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