Sunday, May 9, 2010

#99 My Mother

 Today I honor my mother.

 As a single mother she  raised two children, while making a meager wage at various jobs. My mother is not a quitter. She never had much as far as a home, cars, furnishings, clothing, travel, she had enough to take care of our basic needs.  I rarely heard her complain.  If she did, it was very short lived and to the point. She was done and moved on to brighter thoughts. She is not one to revel in judgment of others.  She does not enjoy sitting around thinking negatively of life's circumstances.  She is charitable and kind of all people.  She is not complicated, she is simple in her wants and pure in her thoughts. She enjoys the simple things; sunshine, children, flowers, laughter, burbling of fish in the tank, jabbering of little colorful finches, rocks, the beauty of nature, the company of joyful people.  She enjoys all people no matter who, what or where they came from as long as they are not too sour. 

I remember my mother loved to have fun with us. She didn't care about what "you are suppose to do". as a mother raising children.  I remember going for walks on the beach and before we were done all three of us were jumping and swimming in the ocean waves with all of our cloths on.  I remember her letting me drive the car, while she slept in the back seat, in an unfinished suburb where there were only the roads.  I remember going to the drive-in in our pj, with pillows, blankets and goodies to eat. I remember it was always the three of us, we had each other. We fought, played and worked together.

I love my mother and am so grateful for all the sacrifices that she has made for my brother and I. She gave us her all. She would not give up and I am sure there were moments she wish she could or would love to, but she didn't and she wouldn't. I am proud of her. She might have thought she was doing it alone, but I know that she had a Father who watched over her, protecting and guiding her.  She was inspired and followed the promptings of the Spirit that lead her to give us the greatest of all things, the gospel of Jesus Christ. For that I am forever grateful to her for that blessing in my life.

I love you mother!
You are Wonderful.
Happy Mothers Day

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