Tuesday, May 11, 2010

#100 Employment

There are so many people out there without work. My work takes me to 6 different Wal-Marts and I have been seeing more and more people standing at the entrance holding a card board sign, "No work" or "Please Help".  Today there was an gray haired, small elderly woman holding a sign. She was wearing light blue keds with pink socks. She had a scarf around her head tied under her chin and had an oxygen tube in her nose. It was cold and windy out.  I was parked right next to where she was standing and as I approached my car she began to tell me her problems with paying her bills.  I asked if anyone had stopped, "Oh, yes, they have".  Everyone is really struggling and it's difficult to see. We need to reach out to people right around us, our neighbors, who need our help.

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