Wednesday, February 3, 2010

#31 Feeling Warm Inside

I have the opportunity to serve the little 8-9 year old girls in my church. I have them over to my home twice a month. I had the girls serve others in our community today. They delivered "Heart Attack" and cookies. Heart Attacks is where the front door of the recipients home is attacked with cut-out hearts that say XOXO's, Happy Valentines Day, I love you, You are Awesome, We Appreciation You and whatever the girls want to say. After secretly plastering the hearts all over the door and leaving the plate of cookies they ring the door bell and run. They had so much fun. Fae, who we attacked, has very little mobility because of strokes. We went into her home and left the hearts on the inside of her door and gave her the cookies. The girls enjoyed meeting Fae's "4-legged children", seeing her art work, getting her laundry, folding and putting it away for her. Fae enjoyed having the girls over to see her and help her. They were so sweet, telling Fae her art was beautiful and they loved her cats. On the drive home I asked the girls how they felt about helping Fae? "It made me feel warm inside".


  1. What cute girls! You are so lucky to get to teach them and do such fun activities with them!