Saturday, February 6, 2010

#35 Making It Home

It makes me nervous every time I have to deliver the rural route after or during a snow storm. I worry I am going to get stuck, slide off the road or into an oncoming vehicle. The snow plow trucks are the most frightening. Seeing them barreling down the road with a wall of snow flying out of their plow towards me  hoping there is room for both of us to pass is terrifying. 

People tend to drive more to the middle of the road in these conditions, so when coming around a corner or over a hill it can be a panicking surprise. I just hope that I manage to stay in control and not make any sudden moves of my car without running into them or off the road.  There is a strip of back road in Woodruff where I can hardly distinguish where the road is because everything is white

Last week a funny thing did happen, funny in that I was embarrassed. I noticed a jeep pass me, but a couple of miles down the road I could see that he had gone off the road and was stuck good. A truck was pulling him out. I missed some mail and decided to turn around to deliver it. I pulled a little too far off the edge of the road and the snow sucked my car right off the road, sinking me deep into the snow drift. The passenger side was so deep into the snow, I had to use my feet to push my door open to get out. I wasn't even a 1/2 mile from where the jeep was. I was grateful to know the people who pulled the jeep out. If I was going to get stuck I am glad I did it there. They had a chuckle and pulled me out.

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  1. I am glad they saw you too and that they could chuckle about it. I am glad you are strong and healthy and that you getting away from that job.....