Tuesday, February 2, 2010

#28 New Opportunities

I have been offered a new job with Acosta in retail merchandising. I am so excited to get started! I originally was looking for a part time job that would work around my Post Office job,  but as time went on I realized that  I didn't want to stay with the post office.  Delivering "City" mail  is too physically demanding.  I am grateful for all of the jobs that I have had and the opportunies they have given me to learn new skills. I have also met many new people.  I look forward to this new experience.  Today I had my first real hard FALL on a solid slab of ice. As I laid  there with my scattered mail all about me, I thought, as I felt like crying, "I HATE THIS JOB"  ( I don't really, but at that moment I did).  I guess it is too much to ask to leave the job without, at least, one good fall.  I don't know how the post office rates me as a "mail deliver/carrier". I have hit my share of mail boxes, some clean off their stand; I have ran over a brick flower bed, having to pay the customer $55; miss delivered a lot of mail; even bumped a customer's parked car; had a few near misses with cattle, snow plows and semis and not so near misses with 3 pheasants. They nick named me "Crash" in the office. 

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  1. Kathy, you are one awesome lady with a truck load of courage.