Monday, February 8, 2010

#36 "I'm Listening"

My son will call me in the evenings while waiting for luggage. He  delivers luggage from the airport to their destinations in the evenings. Sometimes he has to wait for the flights to come in and while waiting will call me, his mom. He will tell me about his day at work or snowmobiling with his brother and how great the snow is for snowboarding. I will often take this opportunity to talk with him about "important" things; goals, eternal truths, Heavenly Father and His Son, plan of happiness, his plans for his future... The other night we were talking and there was a moment I paused and he says, "Go on, I am listening".  What a blessing to have children who still will listen to their parent's counsel, advice, testimony and I would like to think wisdom.


  1. kathy, you are so awesome! I am glad that Wind will call "you". That is so important. He will be able to think through so much more in life because he has you to bounce stuff off of. I hope my kids will still want to call me when they are adults.

  2. I am glad that Wind calls you and I am glad that you are persistent, never give in and never give up.