Thursday, February 25, 2010

#52 Unexpected Arrivals

I had two wonderful surprises today.

(don't let their somber expressions fool you, they are glad to be home too)

 I have been suffering from a cold and feeling pathetic.
I gave Troy a call, like I do everyday. 
It always starts with, "Where are you?"
"I am driving down Samaria Lane."
He was just down the road from our home.
I wish I wasn't so sick and could greet him properly.

I know, I said "two surprises".
Troy was in and out bring things in from the car, and then
Wind walked in with him!

He is on his way to visit his Grandmother.

Whenever Wind comes home he heads straight to the frig.
While hanging is arm up and over the frig door, and 
peering into the frig says, "What is there to eat?"

It is so exciting to have unexpected arrivals, 
it makes my day.

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