Friday, February 5, 2010

#33 Love Story

I went walking with a friend and while we walked almost 4 miles she told me about the time she met her husband. It's a wonderful, sweet story. Her second husband had over dosed and died. Shortly after that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. While dealing going through her treatments her daughter was using Meth. Her daughter was living in a car with all her belongings. After loosing her hair to cemo and radiation she was introduced to a man who had been divorced for 10 years. He was a shy man and came from a very small town, he didn't like the big city, where she was. But with the persistence of two friends, she gave him a call and chatted for about an hour. On their first date she wore a wig, "I didn't want him to see me without my hair". The wig, however, was driving her crazy, itching so bad. At dinner she told him, "This wig is driving me nuts, it itches so bad" "Well take it off!" Right there at the table, she took it off, "Oh, that feels so much better"  "I think you look better without it!" She never wore her wig again. For their third date he went to visit her in the "city" for dinner at her place, salmon. The didn't have a chance to eat because her daughter called, she didn't know where she was and needed help. My friend told him that she had to go help her, "Ok, I will drive you"  They found her daughter and got her to the hospital. The Dr. said that her daughter was pregnant, at that point my friend broke down and sobbed, "I can't do this alone". This kind man says, "You are not going to do this alone" "I am not?" "No, because I am going to marry you!

She was given a blessing once where she was told that she would live to see her grandchildren and that a man was preparing himself for her. And now her cancer is gone and her daughter is living a clean, healthy life married with two beautiful children.  My friend is so happy and in love. She feels truly blessed by the Lord. Now that is a love story.

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