Sunday, January 31, 2010

#27 I Don't Have to Put Money into My Junk Car

I have this piece of junk car to deliver the rural mail in and two weeks ago it decided to not start. OH NO! I was letting Blue drive it to school during the week because I usually just need it for Saturdays. When he told me, "You are taking me to school", I called the bus driver and informed her that he would be catching the bus for a while while the car was being repaired. Not cool for a Junior! He survived though.
After Wes' Auto told me what it might be (I wasn't sure what the heck he was talking about)  I asked, "About how much will that cost?"  He said, "$350-$400!" I was sick. The car isn't even worth that much. The thing is, I am about to switch jobs and won't even be needing that car much longer. I had no choice, I had to go for it. Then I started praying.....
Friday came and I needed to pick up my car for the Saturday delivery. Wes says, "It's been starting everyday, I don't know what was wrong with it".  REALLY!  "What do I owe you?" "Nothing, just take it home".  My prayers were answered. What a blessing, a small miracle.

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  1. I love how God works. I love how he can cure a sick car! I just found your new blog...duh on my part! How awesome. I love reading what you write. It makes me feel like I just saw you yesterday or something. So what new job will you be pursuing?