Wednesday, January 13, 2010

#2 Blue

Troy is out of town (again) and every time he is I think how grateful I am that I still have Blue (my baby) home to be here with me. I don't know how it happened that we had Blue home for four years after Sundi left home. The Lord must have known that I would need him during this time in my life  It's nice to still have him around  to watch TV or movies with in the evenings, to have a reason to make dinner and breakfast, to tease with hugs and kisses, (he doesn't like me to touch him, but of course I have to try) read scriptures and have FHE with and to occasionally have him make me laugh with his sense on humor, surprising he does have one. It's pretty funny what he comes up with.  It's nice to still have someone to be a mother to. Rather than be alone, I feel a little safer when he is here.  I am glad to have him around even if he sometimes is annoying me! I love you Blue.


  1. I love the "Even if he sometimes is annoying me!" part ;)

    This is a great blog idea! I think the empty nesting phase is one of the hardest parts of being a mother, I'm beginning to see it in all the mother figures - like you - around me. I would be hard to stop mothering! Its so fun/hard/fulfilling etc... you just need a grandchild now! How's Jessica coming on that?? ;)