Saturday, January 30, 2010

#24 Hugs

I will never forget the day that I opened my door, a friend stepped into my home, and without a word embraced me, hugging me, letting me cry. We didn't say anything. It felt so good. I had been having a really hard time and when she came over I don't know if that was her intentions, but I think she just knew I needed one when I opened the door. 

There was another time when I was in my room and  felt so alone, like I could disappear and no one would notice. At that moment, my youngest child, Blue (he was just little) came into my room. He could see I was sad and asked, "Are you sad?" He then wrapped his small, little arms tenderly around me and I could feel his tiny little fingers very gently patting my back. I will never forget the feel of his small, little arms around me.  I then realized someone did notice me, my Father in Heaven.

Photo from Free Hugs

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