Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#14 Generosity

Remember I said my post office vehicle isn't running? We decide we needed to tow it to the mechanic, we could have called  Albert's Tow, but wanted to save money. Troy was able  to back the van out far enough to get it stuck in the snow across the entrance to our property. He then  back the Lexus up to see if he could pull the hind end of the van around with a chain as the van tires spin, it gets stuck! We get the Lexus unstuck just to get it stuck again in front of the van completely blocking the entrance to our place. After an hour of stewing over what we could do and then deciding we needed to call someone for help, I called Jimmy Adamson. I told him we needed his help and he says, "I will be right over." He came with his truck and pulled the Lexus out onto the road, the van out onto the road and then towed the post office car to the mechanic. No sweat. He said he was "Number One", that he was. What would do without the generosity of others? Thanks Jimmy.

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  1. We all need each other. We watch after each other and help each other. That is what we do. I am glad that Jimmy helped you. Love you, mom.