Friday, January 29, 2010

#23 The Strength of Others

The strength of others makes me want to be stronger; physically, mentally and spiritually.  How can I give up when there are women in the world like Stephanie. She is a women of great strength to me. I have come to think of her daily, sympathizing with all that she has to endure. I have prayed for her well being many times. Her life took on a major change of events just over a year ago and on her blog, NieNie, she shares her journey of getting up every morning, recognizing her blessings, being a mother and wife and still finding joy in everyday living.  She is a beautiful women, mother and wife.

Photo from her blog, NieNie


  1. I love Stephanie and her family. I love reading her blog. She is such an inspiriation. If she can do it, I surely can. :o)