Thursday, January 14, 2010

#3 The Shillig/Sarager Family

My mother lives 2 hours south of me and I don't get to see her as often as I should. However, I am so grateful for the Shillig family who has had her a member of their VERY large family for about 25 years (since I have married and left home). After I left and Rich was on a mission still, mom found herself all alone up in northern California. She decided to head to southern California. Not sure  where she was going to stay, the bishop of   the church down there hooked her up with the Shillig family.  They had a room for her to rent. At the time they had 4 or 5 children, but as time went on they grew to 11 children and eventually needed the room. By then mom had become a honorary Shillig family memberShe stayed close by, but eventually I asked her if it was time for her to move closer to her own children and grandchildren. At the time I lived in Malad and Rich lived in Payson. She moved out to Utah about 10 years ago and ended up living across the street from Rich. Well things have changed Rich moved and mom had to move also. By now the Shillig children are growing up, getting married, having children of their own. I think most of them who  are married have moved to Utah. Walla! Mom is back into the Shillig clan. She is currently living in the basement of Larkie & Seth (Larkie is the oldest Shillig girl) home with their children Jordan & Atticus. My mother is so happy and really enjoying living there. She will call me and say, "WE are....." She loves their little children and is always telling me the newest cute thing they did. Once I called and she said she was getting a pedicure! The next time I visited I saw her "green" painted toenails. I am so grateful that they love her and share their lives with her. Thank you Seth, Larkie, Jordan, Atticus, Audrey, Rachel (to name a few)....

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  1. That posting is so sweet Kathy. You make me cry.