Monday, January 18, 2010

#9 Phone Calls from Friends & Family

I have been without a cell phone for 2 months now. It wasn't so bad till Troy left town with his phone. I can call people, but it will cost me on my land line phone.  I could call people and tell them to call me back, but I don't know anyone's cell phone numbers. I have been through 3 cell phones this past year. The first one the screen went dark, the second one I dropped in the toilet when I delivered the elementary school's mail and the the third one I lost while delivering the rural mail, I had that one only a couple of months. Ugg! It's frustrating. I have been sending a lot of messages through Facebook, but that is getting old. There is no one to talk to. Blue won't talk to me and doesn't like me to talk to him.....I know he was my #2 Grateful, but it can be kind of lonely at times with him. I have been feeling lonely and down today, then I saw on that today is "The Most Depressing Day of the Year". I thought that was wired. I watched a movie then took a long hot bath and was getting ready to go take a nap when....Sundi called! It was so good to HEAR her sweet little voice say, "Hi".  She is wanting to find another job and I am afraid I wasn't much help to her, she was taking Christy's new puppy out to go potty and we just chatted about things. Thanks Sundi for thinking of me. I also got a call  from mom last night. She had been trying all week and finally caught me home. Thanks mom. It's always great to hear the voices of family & friends.

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  1. I am sorry you are lonely. Hurry up and get Casey's phone going. I love you. Your writing is very good.