Tuesday, January 19, 2010

#11 When a Hard Work Day is Over

I have been dreading this day since Saturday. It came after Sunday and Monday which was a holiday. I knew there would be a lot of mail. Then to add to that there are expected snow storms all week. I knew it was going to be a hard, long and exhausting day. This morning the snow was really coming down, but at least it was fairly warm. Later in the day  it cleared up, the sun came out and everyone was either out on their 4-wheelers with plow blades on the front or with their snow shovels clearing sidewalks and driveways. It was warm to begin with and then when the sun came out the snow really became slushy and messy. I would step out of the truck into slushy gutters and sink into deep muddy water. Snow boots don't keep  feet dry from the water. I was very grateful when I delivered mail to my last stop. My feet were soaked and my legs were achy and tired.

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