Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#13 Affordable Jewelry

My friend Janice sells a lot of jewelry for a relative that is going to school. Every time she has new jewelry she calls and says, "I have a new tub of jewelry, do you want to come over?" It is so affordable, I can't help myself. All of the necklaces come with matching earrings for $10-$12 and there are some bracelets from $5-$8. She sells mostly necklaces though. I bought some for all my relatives for Christmas and every time I did I always came home with something for myself. It is just too fun to buy new jewelry. A whole bunch of us ladies will hang out for hours scrutinizing every piece of jewelry. We try everything on, running to the mirror to see how it looks. It is so fun to see what every one likes and dislikes. I can't wait for the new spring jewelry to come out.


  1. It sounds like you have a lot of fun. I can see you running to the mirror.

  2. Cute kitchen! That jewelry is way affordable too!