Friday, January 15, 2010

#5 Uggs

This Christmas Seth & Jessica treated me to a pair of Uggs  (however,they shouldn't have, I feel guilty when my children spend too much money on me). Guilty or not, I LOVE THEM! I have always wanted a pair. I will try them on every winter in Dillards and say, "I want a pair of these", I did it this year. If you haven't put your feet in a pair of Uggs then you should and you would know what I am talking about. You might think that your feet would get too hot, but the wool inside regulates the warmth of my feet perfectly. I wear them all day, even after I have put on my pajamas. They are so warm and snugly on my feet. I tell Troy, "This is like heaven for my feet". Today, while sitting in the library listening to the instructor and getting ready to take the Census2010 test for a job I was thinking how much I love my Uggs and how cozy my feet felt. I know it's a bit much, but it is TRUE. I am very grateful for this wonderful gift. Thank you Seth & Jessica.


  1. Those are a beautiful thing to be greatful for. I am happy for your feet.

  2. I am sorry. I spelled grateful wrong. Sorry.