Sunday, April 11, 2010

#84 Sheila

Wind has been living in the basement apartment of Sheila and Dale's for a couple of years now. 
Sheila and Dale are his landlords.  
They lost a boy in an accident a couple of years ago that was about Wind's age.
It has been a very painful journey for Sheila and I believe having Wind around has helped.
Sheila cuts Wind's hair in her salon upstairs,
they have invited him to dinner, brought him homemade bread, hot soup, 
homemade cinnamon rolls, crutches when he crashed into a tree snowmobiling and 
so much more, even one months rent free for Christmas.
Sheila is always thinking of Wind. 
It is always a good feeling when people like your children and care about them.
The last time I was up visiting she came down in her PJ and robe, asking if I would like to meet Dale.
I wasn't dressed myself, but she didn't mind, just wanted me to meet him before he had left.
I met Dale, he was still in his PJ's to.
I was smiling to myself seeing all of us visiting in our PJ's.
It is a good feeling when people love your children.
Thank you Sheila for all you do for my son, Wind.

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