Tuesday, April 27, 2010

#94 Kindness

I worked in the Blackfoot Wal-Mart today. I was so tired driving there, could hardly stay awake. I always park on the far outskirts of the parking lot, so there is less chance of people hitting the side of my car with their car doors. I loaded everything up into my arms; computer, purse, keys, lunch and phone. I popped the trunk open so I could get the rest of my things I needed inside the store. After working for a couple of hours I heard announced over the intercom, "Wal-Mart customers, a gray Nissan with the license plate #......... in the parking lot, has a door open."  I don't pay much attention to the announces made, but heard this one load and clear. I have a gray Nissan and my license plate starts with those numbers. Humm, did I leave my door open? Now thinking about it, I don't remember closing the door and my arms were pretty full. I hustled over to the door greeter, asked if I could leave my things with her and ran to see if that was "my gray Nissan."  IT WAS! I was so grateful for whoever that was that had that announced AND that my car was not vandalized, stolen or whatever else could have happened because my door was left open.  The wind was blowing hard today and could have ruined my door. Thank you to whoever cared enough to have that announced and that I heard it.

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