Friday, April 23, 2010

#92 Honesty

I am so grateful for honesty, when it is found. 
I ran into Wal-Mart to purchase some items with a "free" coupon and didn't realize I would have to pay tax, $0.60! I had no change or a check. While I was getting my credit card out, (ya, my credit card!) and thinking I really didn't want to do this, the women behind me was digging out 60 cents out of her wallet. To thank her for doing that for me I gave her one of my coupons (she was pretty happy about that), and then ran out of the store and on to the next store. Let me back up here little. Clients with Acosta (who I work for) will give coupons to us to purchase items that have a "zero sales". I was using some of those coupons. So, when I got to the next Wal-Mart and was at the check stand it was then when I noticed my credit card gone (I had a few more things to purchase this time), PANIC! I was pretty sure I left it at the check stand at the previous store. All I could hope was that who ever found it would be honest enough to turn it in. Before leaving the second store however, I left my check book. That checker yelled for me, while holding my check book up for me to see. I am starting to freak out now.
I arrived at the first Wal-Mart and the checker that was there was GONE. I asked some associates standing at customer service, "Do you know where the girl is that was working at the first register was, she has short brown hair pulled back on the top and about this tall?".  The guy says, "About this tall?' (holding his hand up) "Yes". The other girl says, "Is she about so tall?" (holding her hand a little higher than the guy did)  I chuckle, thinking who really cares exactly how tall she is, WHERE IS SHE? I then told them why I was there and the guy knew a credit card had been turned in. "What kind and what color is the card?" the guy asked. He left for a moment and brought it out to me. YEAH! I was so grateful.

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