Tuesday, April 27, 2010

#95 Power

Our Home Teachers were over visiting with Blue, Troy and I when the weather outside was really working up a fit. We almost wondered if we would have a tornado. The house was whistling, we heard a crash outside and then the lights kicked off, then on, then off again. The surge was strong enough to turn the computer on and then off again. There we all sat in the dusk of the evening. The Home Teachers finished their visit and went on their way. The power was off long enough, couple of hours, to bring the emergency candles out.  I missed "Lost", dang it.  I couldn't finish my laundry, get on the computer or watch TV.  When the power goes out you always hope it isn't for long, at least not long enough to make life too uncomfortable, just long enough to make the evening a little exciting with the candles out and burning.  It makes me uncomfortable how dependent we are on power. I had some 60 hr emergency candles but that was it. I don't think we would last long with no power.

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