Thursday, March 4, 2010

#58 Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are best all purpose work gloves.
We all know they are good for washing dishes in hot scalding water, but I love them for outdoor use as well.
They are great for the garden and any outdoor cleaning. I love that they keep my hands dry and clean, as long as I don't have a hole in them. It is easier to pull weeds in the garden after the plants have been watered, but cloth gloves become heavily caked with mud and slippery, making it hard to grip the weeds.. Rubber gloves protect my hands from chemicals and unsanitary debris. It was time to clean the chicken coop and I was grateful for my gloves. It is a small coop and it's just easier to get in there with my hands. With rubber gloves I could get right in there and dig out the defecated soaked straw bedding. 

I remember my mother always wearing rubber gloves when she would clean. 
Rubber gloves were essential to her cleaning materials.


  1. I love rubber gloves too. Except I am a little posessive with my gloves. I don't let anyone use mine because they always bring them back with a hole in one of them. So now Daphne has her own pair too.

  2. I love rubber gloves too. I always have some around the house. I hate it when one gets a hole in it....such a mess. That is so sweet that I passed the "rubber gloves" to you Kathy. I have not thought of pulling weeds with them, that is such a good idea. It is true, cloth gloves do get wet and caked with mud. I like your idea too Pam.