Wednesday, March 31, 2010

#78 Not Panicing

I spent some time in Driggs with the kids this past week helping Seth & Jessica move into their first home.  Friday, Wind got a call from Teton Taxi to deliver luggage from Jackson Hole Airport. He has been doing this during the winter months. I asked if I could come along and see what he does. A snow storm had come in that day and so the pass was icy with poor visibility. We were driving over during rush hour, lots of traffic going west. We were going East.Wind said that often cars will not be able to maintain their traction going up the incline, causing traffic pile ups. Wind was driving slow and steady when we came upon a car horizontally across both lanes, preparing to turn around to head back down the pass, under the direction of an officer. The car is backing up almost blocking our entire lane. Wind taps his brakes and begins sliding. Wind honks, making the car aware of him and that he has lost the ability to stop. The car stopped, but only leaving a narrow space between the the back end of the car and guard rail to pass through. There is snow built up along the guard rail and on the other side a drop off.  I was gripping the strap of my seat belt, as I prepared for impact with the car. When he missed the car, the snow pulled him toward the rail however, Wind maneuvered his truck smoothly between the car and guard rail, missing both. The officer was ignorant enough to tell Wind, "Why don't you slow down". Wind couldn't have gone any slower. That officer should have prepared traffic up the road to slow down and stop while he had this car turn around, blocking both lanes.  I was so grateful for Wind's calm, confident driving skills. On the way back that evening the pass was worse. I starting panicking until Wind said, "Would you stop it and let me concentrate on driving ". I shut right up and didn't say a peep till we were off the mountain.


  1. Ho freaking scary!!! Beautiful pictures. I am so happy nothing happened.

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! I would trust Wind too Kathy. With all the snow mobiling, horse riding, dirt bikes...what ever....I think you were in good hands. How scary! By the way, we are so out of it when it comes to seasons around here. We have been wearing shorts for two weeks now.