Sunday, March 21, 2010

#73 Buyer's Remorse

I don't know what is wrong with me lately, but I am completely AWOL with shopping. I know my husband is going to read this and my secret will be out. I don't usually let him know what I have been buying, mostly because I feel guilty.  Husbands never understand why their wives need to shop for so much "stuff". I did a little shopping a week ago, that wasn't so bad, I could live with it.  However, I was in Logan, Utah visiting my daughter today, she wasn't feeling well and very tired , said she was going to take a bath and nap. "Ok, I am going to get some puppy food and will be back to pick up the puppies". Sorry, Sweatheart, another secret, I brought the puppies home to watch till August. I told you I wanted a dog, so now I have two! Back to my "AWOL shopping". Hours later Sundi texts me, "Where are you? Did you forget the puppies?"  She finally called, found out I was shopping, "If I had know you were going shopping I would have come".  (She took Sudafed and felt much better) I am feeling selfish and buy her something. By now I am feeling sick with anxiety, not enjoying myself anymore. 

I am home now, going through all of the things I bought and that feeling of, "I want that or I have to have that" was gone. I began thinking of all the money I could put BACK in my pocket if I returned things. I bagged things up, gathered up receipts and have it all ready for my next trip out of town. I am feeling better already. 
I am grateful for Buyer's Remorse.

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