Monday, March 29, 2010

#75 Children Growing Up

This past month I have seen my children, that have left home, begin to mature and show signs of growing up.  It is rewarding and very pleasing to see them make decisions that show they are inching their way towards adulthood. It isn't an easy step, moving out of mom and dad's home and care. The first year was challenging and full of trial and error. I know that at times it seems overwhelming and daunting to be on their own, providing for themselves, and making some very big, important decisions,  but they manage to continue to overcome and move forward.  I have watched our children change jobs or take on second jobs to meet their financial responsibilities, purchase a home, help one another, turn to the Lord and the principles of truth they were taught.

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  1. They are such beautiful children. Seth, Jessica, Wind and Blue.....