Friday, March 5, 2010

#59 A Little Book

When Troy and I started dating he had given me a tiny little book titled "Juniper".  But in "Troy" fashion it was  a message to me. A message that I missed at first. I was digging around in my hope chest and found the little book that was given to me so many years ago by a boy who wanted to spend eternity with me.

by Robert Kraus

(click on photo for a larger view
read from left to right starting in top left corner)
Our life has been full of happiness, joy and sweet contentment.


  1. That is so sweet. I think I would have missed it too. Troy is so kind hearted. And very creative too. Special.

  2. That story is adorable. I bet you wondered why you never saw it when you first opened it and read it. It is quite clever of you to share that story with us by taking pictures of each page and posting it on your blog. It is so much better to see the pages with all the drawings and everything. As Troy read your entry? You and Troy are so sweet and this blog is so sweet.